Nursery Section covers children from 3-6 years old. Children under 6 years are in pre-operational stage in cognitive development. These children are trained to acquire subjects as:Writing, Reading, Mathematical concepts, Social Development and Health habits. Read More>


Primary Education is a fundamental for better future. We register and teach children from age 7 - 13 years old where adults also are in this category. The subjects areas are wider compared to the nursery classes. Here, students can now read and write, However, fast reading is the core when teaching reading. Read More>


The world has gone into digital, so education in the 21st century is the trend gone are the periods of 19th Century where computer usage was not to everyone. We offer affordable training both in the campus and online. Read More>


partners 1 ESFESF(Enabling Support Foundation) was founded with two missions; to support persons with disabilities and school children with a mission to maximize the potential of everyone led by Dr. Bob Zenhausern Robert. The Early Reading (ER) by ESF was launched in Miridians on 17/05/2017 and we are proud that this website was sponsored by Dr. Bob via ESF. Read More>



Welcome to Miridians Education Services offering ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, VOCATIONAL STUDIES (COMPUTERS, BUSINESS AND TEACHER TRAINING NURSERY) AND ADULT EDUCATION (PRIMARY). It is fully incorporated in the Republic of Uganda to provide conducive learning environment at Kireku suburb of Wakiso district in the central region of the Uganda.

This mid-sized education facility is serving children from three years and not exceeding 18 years and as well adults to attain quality education for self-sustainability. The services offered are on friendly pocket cost.

We started in 2017 with a child care and kindergarten services at Kireku. In Wakiso district; there are over 250 different facilities from small scale commercially run to a larger scale. The largest facilities provide their services to the rich class of people and their market strategies cover the same class. Miridians Education Services is here to bridge the gap existing between different classes of parents. To do this we have employed two strategies to involve all classes of life i.e. low, mid and high classes. We offer:

  1. Affordable pricing structure where fee is priced based on standards of parents.
  2. Close staff to community relationship in delivering service. Having a close contact with all parents leading to high chance to impress parents who in turn vocally talk to their friends about the positive child care and education provided by the institution.


Why focus on Early Childhood Development (ECD)?

ECD is a continual process of human development, physical, socially, emotionally and mentally from the time of conceptions to the initial stages of formal schooling (0-8 years old). During the early years, the child is guided by natural laws and learns from the immediate environment, progressing from the known, to unknown, from the simple to complex and from the concrete to the abstract in developing his/her personality.

 These are pioneer pupils 2017.




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