Day Care

There are an increasing amount of families who have become dependent and this has created the necessity of the child care to be handled by third person or firm... Read More>


We offer conduicive environment to care, educate and protect children, provide computer education, promote games and sports, etc. Read More>

Early reading

We teach babies at day care how to read and by the time they join nursery section they have many words in their library to enable them read manuscripts effectively... Read More

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Why Partners?

  • Mutual family relationshi
  • Team wor
  • Guiding and Counsellin
  • Sharing Idea/Information

Miridians has developed a powerful network of alliances with a core objective of helping our clients enjoy responsibility of taking care their children and seeing them achieve best education background. Our alignment with market leaders and emerging players enables us to deliver a more complete solution to our clients.

We work closely with various organizations as either partners or co service providers. Below meet our family of network.

1. Enabling Support Foundations (ESF):

We partner with ESF in area of Education in order to realize our goal of raising new generation by caring, educating and empowering them with skills from grass roots for nation building holistically. Since ESF, welcomes Partners and volunteers willing to join their programs in health, education, tourism, PWDS and orphans among others.

Area of partnership: Early Reading

We have stepped in the ring to pioneer Early Reading Prgramme in Uganda. The expected output is to teach babies who are under care to read before they start school. Consequently, teaching those in baby, middle and top classes how to read using ESF approaches.

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2. Pleaders of Children and Elderly:

MIRIDIANS is a place for PEPA activities. We plead for quality education for our children together with support from PEPA.

Pleaders of Children and Elderly People at risk - Plaideurs des Enfants et des Personnes Agées (PEPA) is a Non Governmental Organisation(NGO), Non profit organisation that originally started in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007 with the mission of providing assistance to children and Elderly people who were victim of civil wars in the Country.
PEPA focuses on providing quality education to vulnerable children and youth as well as developing their talents.

Area of partnership:
Education Support (Bursary Scheme: Access to quality education is everyone's best chance for a brighter future. An educated child is more likely to avoid disease, gain employment and will have more options in life.

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3. Adapcit Uganda (ICT Solutions):

ADAPCIT – is an ICT firm established basically to empower individual with Information Technology (I.T) education, technical assistance and other I.T services.

ADAPCIT exists to provide fast, reliable technical assistance to local business/small office/home and corporate computer users and sales of computers accessories by providing informed expertise, and consistently high quality solutions to generate enough satisfied repeated customers for stable retainer base.

Area of partnership:
Designs and Publication - Providing Real Time Services These include such thing as professional typesetting, designing, photocopy, faxing, repair, publications and document sealing/ binding.



Aims and objectives of nursery section

Our objectives that made us upgrade from day care to nursery section are:

  • To enrich the child’s experience by developing imagination, self-reliance and thinking power
  • To develop moral values in the child
  • To develop language and communication skills
  • To help them develop good social habits as an individual and as a member of society
  • To help the child appreciate his/her national cultural background, custom, love and care for people and nation.
  • To develop capabilities and healthy physical growth of the child through play/activities

The institution is confident that its personnel are qualified and experienced in Early Childhood Development (ECD) procedures. This is a successful venture because of the quality of its managers and their capability in education experience. To compete with already existing nursery centres, Miridians promotes lower staff to child ratio, which is appealing to most parents.

Nursery Section covers children from 3-6 years old. Children under 6 years are in preoperational stage in cognitive development. From birth, they are exposed to innumerable stimuli in their environment but they are not yet capable of abstract or logical thinking. They need to work on forming a mental order of things they observe, from basic concepts and move from the concrete to abstract progressively.


They are driven by an inherent urge to learn. But they learn differently from the way older children and adults learn.

They need to observe environment around them manipulate and experiment with objects in environment.

Life Skills development

At Miridians Education Services, we follow standard National Curriculum which was approved for effective ECD practices. And on the other hand, Enabling Support Foundation (ESF) Early Reading Approaches.

Activities considered for development of Life Skills in the child are those activities form development of an emotionally and socially well-adjusted personality, a child who has respect for nature and its sustainable use, for the rights and aspirations of fellow beings, respect for appropriate cultural norms and values, scholastic productive achievements and is able to functions as a members of his/her community up to the time the child is around 6 years of age. This Developmental Activities have been grouped under five major learning areas: Regulating with other in an acceptable way; Taking care of myself for proper growth and development; Developing and using Mathematical Concepts in day-to-day experiences; and Interacting using my Language appropriately.



Primary Education is a fundamental for better future. We register children from age 7 - 13 years old. Lower primary covers P.1 to P.3 and upper primary covers P.4 to P.7. Our Business Proposal is to get our children sit for primary seven leaving examinations by 2024.

Why Primary Section?

Low income earners do not send their children to school at early childhood development life stage easily and if they do then to a poorly facilitated school. As an example, since 1997 after introduction of Universal Primary Education (UPE), many parents who cannot afford primates school have been taking their children to UPE school government aided. In turn, these children do not get enough knowledge required for their growth due to overcrowding despite government efforts to build more classrooms.

Majority of primary school-going children across the country cannot read or deal with a simple arithmetic, according to Uganda National Examinations Board’s report (Daily Monitor Press Sunday, 24th March 2013). In 2015 survey done to assess quality education services in primary schools, it was found that children from 91 districts cannot read English (New Vision Press 21st September, 2016). The major constraint for children and parents is that the good nursery and primary schools are very expensive with fees structure of UGX 700,000 and UGX 900,000 for preschool and primary school respectively. The school pass rate in these low developed areas has been unsatisfactory due to various reasons.

 What to expect

  • Qualified teachers
  • Stocked library
  • Bursary Scheme
  • Maximum Protection
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Conducive Environment
  • Free Computer Lessons


Our syllabus


  • National Syllabu
  • International Syllabus


Our strategies

MIRIDIANS has taken the initiative to solve the problems parents face in expensive schools. Our strategies are:

  • To rent an apartment in addition to an existing Day Care and Nursery School premise.
  • Open registration of all categories of children.
  • Set learning environment, mobilization, and recruit trained teachers, and provide teaching materials.
  • Work in phases by promoting our top class to another class every year.


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