Nursery Section covers children from 3-6 years old. Children under 6 years are in pre-operational stage in cognitive development. These children are trained to acquire subjects as:Writing, Reading, Mathematical concepts, Social Development and Health habits. Read More>


Primary Education is a fundamental for better future. We register and teach children from age 7 - 13 years old where adults also are in this category. The subjects areas are wider compared to the nursery classes. Here, students can now read and write, However, fast reading is the core when teaching reading. Read More>


The world has gone into digital, so education in the 21st century is the trend gone are the periods of 19th Century where computer usage was not to everyone. We offer affordable training both in the campus and online. Read More>


partners 1 ESFESF(Enabling Support Foundation) was founded with two missions; to support persons with disabilities and school children with a mission to maximize the potential of everyone led by Dr. Bob Zenhausern Robert. The Early Reading (ER) by ESF was launched in Miridians on 17/05/2017 and we are proud that this website was sponsored by Dr. Bob via ESF. Read More>


Online Class

The 21st education system is unique as compared to 19th Century because of technical changes like e-learning, e-library, e-business, e-banking, etc. Miridians is proud to be one of the campus and online training institutions in Uganda with dedicated teachers and morden systems of education.

We offer both FREE and PAID E-Learning.

Free E-Learning: Was upon the vision and outcry of learners during education institutions lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic that learning can still continue while at home provided one has access to computers and internet facilities.

Paid E-Learning: To meet expenses incure to deliever online class to you, little amount of money has been added to each training package. The money can pay for teachers, instructors, tutors, internet, website maintenance and logistic. One can arrange with the school to deliver materials to you directly through the post office address/mail/percel or door to door at some fees.

Our Paid online philosophy

A learner can become success with little spending. Online classes are cheaper than campus classes even the tuition are manageable. The following are criteria to get started:

  • Make final decision that you can study online.
  • Check list of courses you can do in areas of computing, education and business and check the corresponding fee
  • Register using our free registration form to pay the fees. You can pay by installments of not more than 3 times using pay system provided i.e. Mobile Money and Paypal or come to the campus if you are near to pay at the counter.
  • After payment, you shall receive confirmation message and schedule for your class, video links and notes shall be sent to you in the email. Every week end there will be a live webinar by different subjects teachers as email shall be send to you and time zone.
  • Do all exercises on each topic covered on the automated online system. Meanwhile others course works shall be submitted via email. A learner shall pay extra fee to retake any automated exercises or late submission of course works.


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