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The offer of the  Governement of Uganda to promote education during  Covid 19 Lock down

National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC)

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1. Curriculum Packages

Your child can learn at comfort of your home by using standardized curriculum packages. For buyers in Uganda around Kampala City, we deliever to you home, meanwhile buyers outside Kampala we deliever into your inbox the printable version for free  or to your postal address at extra fee.

2. Study Online

We offer online courses covering: Nursery Teacher Training (ECDE) for two years and Computer Packages

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Welcome to Miridians home of academic excellence. Application for 2021/2022 admission in Nursery, Primary, Adult Literacy and ECD Teacher Training is in progress.

About us

We are licensed educational and child care service provider in the community of Bweyogerere Kireku Zone. Our focus is here to bridge the gap existing between different classes of parents in the area, we employ two strategies to differentiate ourselves involving all all low, mid and high classes of people.

  1. Affordable pricing structure where fee is priced based on standards of parents.
  2. Close staff to community relationship in delivering service. Having a close contact with all parents impresses then to in turn vocally talk to their friends about the positive child care and education services we provide.



To raise new generation by caring, educating and empowering them with skills from grass roots for nation building.


Realization of sustainable development in the nation by providing habitable centre to care, educate young ones, involve teachers and the community in positive activities to ensure socio-economic spiritual welfare in the entire locality.

Our Motto: “Quality Roots, Quality Fruits”

Our Core Values

  • Tender Car
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Customer Care


Why focus on Early Childhood Development?

ECD is a continual process of human development, physical, socially, emotionally and mentally from the time of conceptions to the initial stages of formal schooling (0-8 years old). During the early years, the child is guided by natural laws and learns from the immediate environment, progressing from the known, to unknown, from the simple to complex and from the concrete to the abstract in developing his/her personality.