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The offer of the  Governement of Uganda to promote education during  Covid 19 Lock down

National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC)

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1. Curriculum Packages

Your child can learn at comfort of your home by using standardized curriculum packages. For buyers in Uganda around Kampala City, we deliever to you home, meanwhile buyers outside Kampala we deliever into your inbox the printable version for free  or to your postal address at extra fee.

2. Study Online

We offer online courses covering: Nursery Teacher Training (ECDE) for two years and Computer Packages

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Welcome to Miridians home of academic excellence. Application for 2021/2022 admission in Nursery, Primary, Adult Literacy and ECD Teacher Training is in progress.


Why Partners?

  • Mutual family relationship
  • Team work
  • Guiding and Counselling
  • Sharing Idea/Information

Miridians has developed a powerful network of alliances with a core objective of helping our clients enjoy responsibility of taking care their children and seeing them achieve best education background. Our alignment with market leaders and emerging players enables us to deliver a more complete solution to our clients.

We work closely with various organizations as either partners or co service providers. Below meet our family of network.

1. Enabling Support Foundations (ESF):

partners 1 ESFWe partner with ESF in area of Education in order to realize our goal of raising new generation by caring, educating and empowering them with skills from grass roots for nation building holistically. Since ESF, welcomes Partners and volunteers willing to join their programs in health, education, tourism, PWDS and orphans among others.

Area of partnership: Early Reading

We have stepped in the ring to pioneer Early Reading Program in Uganda. The expected output is to teach babies who are under care to read before they start school. Consequently, teaching those in baby, middle and top classes how to read using ESF approaches. Read More>


2. Pleaders of Children and Elderly:

partner 2 PEPAMIRIDIANS is a place for PEPA’s activities. We plead for quality education for our children together with PEPA. Pleaders of Children and Elderly People at risk - Plaideurs des Enfants et des Personnes Agées (PEPA) is a Non-Governmental Organization(NGO), that originated from Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007 with the mission of providing support to children and Elderly people who were victims of civil wars in the Country.
PEPA focuses on providing quality education to vulnerable children and youth as well as developing their talents.

Area of partnership:
Education Support (Half Bursary Scheme: Access to quality education is everyone's best chance for a brighter future. An educated child is more likely to avoid disease, gain employment and will have more options in life. Read More>

3. Adapcit Uganda (ICT Solutions):

partner 3 AdapcitADAPCIT – is an ICT firm established basically to empower individual with Information Technology (I.T) education, technical assistance and other I.T services. It exists to provide fast, reliable technical assistance to local business/small office/home and corporate computer users and sales of computers accessories by providing informed expertise, and consistently high quality solutions to generate enough satisfied repeated customers for stable retainer base.

Area of partnership:
Designs and Publication - Providing Real Time Services such as professional typesetting, designing, photocopy, faxing, repair, publications of education/marketing materials, document sealing/ binding, etc. Read More>