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National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC)

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Your child can learn at comfort of your home by using standardized curriculum packages. For buyers in Uganda around Kampala City, we deliever to you home, meanwhile buyers outside Kampala we deliever into your inbox the printable version for free  or to your postal address at extra fee.

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We offer online courses covering: Nursery Teacher Training (ECDE) for two years and Computer Packages

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Welcome to Miridians home of academic excellence. Application for 2021/2022 admission in Nursery, Primary, Adult Literacy and ECD Teacher Training is in progress.


This mid-sized education facility is serving children from 3-6 years. The services offered are on friendly pocket cost.

We started in 2017 with a child care and kindergarten services at Kireku. In Wakiso district; there are over 250 different facilities from small scale commercially run to a larger scale. The largest facilities provide their services to the rich class of people and their market strategies cover the same class. Miridians Education Services is here to bridge the gap existing between different classes of parents. To do this we have employed two strategies to involve all classes of life i.e. low, mid and high classes. We offer:

  1. Affordable pricing structure where fee is priced based on standards of parents.
  2. Close staff to community relationship in delivering service. Having a close contact with all parents leading to high chance to impress parents who in turn vocally talk to their friends about the positive child care and education provided by the institution.

Why focus on Early Childhood Development (ECD)?

ECD is a continual process of human development, physical, socially, emotionally and mentally from the time of conceptions to the initial stages of formal schooling (0-8 years old). During the early years, the child is guided by natural laws and learns from the immediate environment, progressing from the known, to unknown, from the simple to complex and from the concrete to the abstract in developing his/her personality.

Nursery Section covers children from 3-6 years old. Children under 6 years are in preoperational stage in cognitive development. From birth, they are exposed to innumerable stimuli in their environment but they are not yet capable of abstract or logical thinking. They need to work on forming a mental order of things they observe, from basic concepts and move from the concrete to abstract progressively.

We we teach:

  • Social Development - Regulating with others in an acceptable ways
  • Language Development I (Reading and Writing) - Interacting, exploring knowing and using my environment.
  • Language Development II (English) - Developing and using my language appropriately
  • Mathematics Concepts - Developing and using mathematics concepts in my-day-today experiences
  • Health Habits-Taking care for myself for proper growth and development



They are driven by an inherent urge to learn. But they learn differently from the way older children and adults learn. They need to observe environment around them manipulate and experiment with objects in environment.


Aims and objectives of nursery section

Our objectives that made us upgrade from day care to nursery section are:

  • To enrich the child’s experience by developing imagination, self-reliance and thinking power
  • To develop moral values in the child
  • To develop language and communication skills
  • To help them develop good social habits as an individual and as a member of society
  • To help the child appreciate his/her national cultural background, custom, love and care for people and nation.
  • To develop capabilities and healthy physical growth of the child through play/activities

Miridians is confident that its personnel are qualified and experienced in Early Childhood Development (ECD) procedures. This is a successful venture because of the quality of its managers and their capability in education experience. To compete with already existing nursery centres, we promote lower staff to child ratio, which is appealing to most parents.


At Miridians Education Services, we follow standard National Curriculum which was approved for effective ECD practices. And on the other hand, Enabling Support Foundation (ESF) provides an Early Reading Approach to better education in 21st Century. Read more>

Activities which are considered for the development of Life Skills in the child are those activities form development of an emotionally and socially well-adjusted personality, a child who has respect for nature and its sustainable use, for the rights and aspirations of fellow beings, respect for appropriate cultural norms and values, scholastic productive achievements and is able to functions as a members of his/her community up to the time the child is around 6 years of age. This Developmental Activities have been grouped under five major learning areas: Regulating with other in an acceptable way; Taking care of myself for proper growth and development; Developing and using Mathematical Concepts in day-to-day experiences; and Interacting using my Language appropriately.


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